Everything You Need To Know About Glossitis

If you've ever bitten your tongue, you know how sensitive it can be. Glossitis is a condition that causes your tongue to become sore and swollen. There are a few different types, and knowing the symptoms will help you let your oral health professional know if you have it. What Are The Causes of Glossitis? There are different things that can cause glossitis that range from an infection to eating something that's too spicy.

4 Of The Best Ways To Save Money On Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great tooth replacement option because they are strong like your natural teeth and since they fuse to the jawbone, they also prevent many problems that people with missing teeth experience, such as changes in facial structure. However, dental implants can be quite expensive and many people don't even consider this option for that reason. There are some ways to save on dental implants though that are important to consider before turning down the idea completely.

Answers To Routine Concerns About Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth, it can be difficult to feel confident or to effectively use your mouth. Unfortunately, there are many dental patients that will lack the experience or knowledge needed to know how to address this type of dental issue. By learning the following answers about dental implants, you will find that you are far better prepared for making decisions to restore your smile's appearance. Does It Matter How Many Dental Implants You Need?

5 Tips For Dealing With Sensitive Teeth

If your teeth ache whenever you eat something cold or brush them too hard, you may have sensitive teeth. Sensitivity can occur when the outer layers of your teeth have worn away. However, you do not have to deal with the pain forever. Here are five helpful tips for dealing with sensitive teeth: Watch Out for Acidic Foods When your teeth are extra sensitive, it is best to limit acidic foods, such as pickles, citrus fruits, and tomatoes, as much as possible.

Two Tips to Avoid Plaque Buildup after a Socket-Preservation Surgery

Your tooth can be extracted by your dentist for a number of reasons. One of the many reasons why this happens is extreme infection and decay. When you have multiple teeth extracted, this can change the way that your mouth and teeth look. A tooth extraction means that the bone surrounding your teeth is weak and unhealthy. In these cases, a socket preservation is done to restore these weak areas. Since the procedure involves surgical incisions, it is important to keep the area bacteria free until it heals.