What to Do When You Have a Toothache but Can't See the Dentist for a Day or Two

When you develop a toothache, you most certainly need to see a dentist, since a toothache frequently indicates that you have a dental abscess that could compromise the health of your tooth or cause infection to spread into other tissues. But what if you can't get in to see your dentist for a day or two after you develop a toothache? Here are some ways to calm the pain in the meantime and a look at signs that indicate you need to seek emergency treatment at a 24-hour dental clinic.

You Might Have To Wait Before Getting A Dental Implant: Here's Why

You may be excited to get a dental implant if you are missing a tooth and feel self-conscious about it. You might have already made an appointment with your dentist to discuss the procedure. However, you need to know that your dentist may ask you to wait before you have an implant installed--and here's a few reasons why. You Have Current Dental Problems One of the common reasons that a dentist may be unwilling to put an implant into a patient's mouth is that their current oral health needs to improve first.

Why Bariatric Surgery May Damage Your Dental Health

The complications and dietary instructions that come with bariatric surgery can have detrimental effects on your teeth. If you are planning for the surgery, here are two sources of the dental complications you should be wary of: The Need to Eat Several Meals Each Day After your bariatric surgery, your doctor will advise you to go on a special diet to help you heal and aid your weight loss efforts. Although the diet is staged and customized for each person, it involves eating many small meals and sipping fluids throughout the day.

2 Cosmetic Dental Applications To Help You Feel Good About The Look Of Your Smile

Some people don't feel good about the look of their smile. Thus, they may cover their mouth when they laugh or grin. In addition, they may try to refrain from smiling as much as possible. If the appearance of your teeth is preventing you from openly smiling and laughing, there are dental applications available to help you feel good about the look of your smile. Here are a few of them:

Pediatric Dental Emergencies: 3 Instances When Your Child Should Be Taken To The Dentist Immediately

If you have a small child, you may not be certain of what constitutes a pediatric dental emergency. Here are a few instances in which your child should be taken to the dentist immediately: A Severe Toothache Sometimes, your child may experience some discomfort from dental sensitivity to hot or cold foods or beverages. However, if a toothache is persistent and is not alleviated by brushing the teeth, using dental floss or rinsing the mouth thoroughly, the pain may be associated with something more severe than particles of food lodged in the teeth.