3 Reasons To See A Cosmetic Dentist For Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments are among the most popular dental procedures available and there are a variety of ways to get these treatments. In general, you will have the option to utilize do-it-yourself kits from your local grocery or department store or to visit a cosmetic dentist. Listed below are three reasons to have a cosmetic dentist perform the whitening procedure. Speed One of the most frustrating parts about trying to whiten your teeth is that it can take some time to notice a difference in many cases.

3 Tips To Soothe Blistered Gums After A Tooth Whitening Process

Performing tooth whitening at home is an affordable way to whiten your teeth. The results aren't always as effective as a whitening procedure from your dentist, but they work well to whiten your teeth a few shades. However, performing the whitening procedure incorrectly can lead to blistered and inflamed gums. Your gums become blistered when the whitening gel is allowed to come in contact with your gums. As a result, this will leave you in pain for a few days until your gums are able to heal on their own.

The Reasons Your New Tooth Crown May Be Hurting

Coming home from your dentist with new crowns can be a unique experience. This is especially true if you had your front teeth crowned. You may have a hard time not looking into the mirror and smiling at yourself. However, no matter what tooth you had crowned, feeling a harsh pain after the numbness wears off is not normal. Learn more about the normal kinds of pain associated with healing you can expect with new tooth crowns.

Are You A Candidate For A Smile Makeover? 3 Questions Can Tell You!

A smile makeover is the perfect way to completely change the appearance of your smile. It can include a number of different procedures, including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain teeth crowns, and tooth implants. While a smile makeover procedures may make teeth more functional or stronger in some cases, the ultimate goal of these procedures is to improve the cosmetic appearance. If you're feeling unhappy about the way that your smile looks, this type of makeover may be the perfect solution.

Rubber Bands For Braces: What Color Should You Choose?

One of the things that many teens look forward to when they get braces is choosing their color of rubber bands, which are placed over the brackets to add a personal feel to the metal in the mouth. Each color has its own meaning, and there are a lot of ways you can go about mixing things up to be creative when choosing your rubber bands. Read on to learn more.