3 Things You Need To Know About Morning Sickness And Enamel Erosion

About three-quarters of pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting during their first trimester. This is known as morning sickness, though it can affect you all day long, not just in the morning. The condition tends to improve by the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, but months of vomiting can have a permanent effect on your teeth. Here are three things you need to know about morning sickness and enamel erosion.

Dealing with the Affects of Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

Genetic dental conditions are prevalent in many families and they cause issues such as weak enamel. Dentiongensis imperfecta is one such disorder that can cause mild to severe dental issues. This disorder usually affects 1 in every 6–8 thousand people, some of which know very little about genetic dental issues. For this reason, you should look into the symptoms of and treatment options for Dentiongensis imperfecta enamel issues. Symptoms Discoloration is a symptom that most people notice about this condition.

Is A Dental Implant Ever An Emergency Procedure?

Many people think of dental implants as more of a cosmetic procedure than an emergency one. But, there are several situations where an emergency implant represents the safest and best means of dealing with a dental situation: What Can Lead to a Need for an Immediate Implant? An emergency implant procedure works best in some of the following situations: Crown fractures Tooth cracks Tooth breaks Root fractures These are the kinds of issues that will lead to inevitable tooth loss.

Understanding The Basic Factors Contributing To Burning Mouth Syndrome

There are several different health issues that may be a contributing factor in burning mouth syndrome. This can stem from medical complications such as having certain nutritional deficiencies, thrush, a dry mouth or menopause. The pain from burning mouth syndrome typically starts out mild in the morning and increasingly becomes worse throughout the remainder of the day. However, there are certain situations when the burning pain is continuous throughout the day with no relief.

Cosmetic Dentistry: 2 Common Treatments

Dental technology seems to be proceeding at a rapid—and sometimes disorienting—pace. This makes it hard for many people to stay abreast of all of the current treatments and techniques. If you would like to increase your knowledge about the techniques used in cosmetic dentistry, this article is for you. Here you'll be introduced to two of the most common treatment options being used today. Dental Veneers Dental veneers are like attractive little shields for the fronts of your teeth.