Improving The Condition Of Your Gums

Gum disease can have serious repercussions. Once the condition progresses to periodontal disease, which is also called periodontitis, it can lead to tooth and bone loss. The early stages of gum disease may only present as inflamed gum tissues that bleed and swell easily. However, periodontitis includes the formation of pockets or gaps between the gums and the teeth. These spaces can become filled with oral bacteria and plaque that cause gingival infections that can spread to the jawbone.

3 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad For Your Teeth

Your smile is an important part of your health and wellness. Not only does it help you chew food, but a healthy smile is also beneficial to your appearance and self-esteem. Unfortunately, you may experience certain issues that dull, discolor, and even stain your teeth. While surprising to learn, certain healthy foods can affect the look of your teeth. By reducing your intake of the following healthy foods, you will be able to improve the color and look of your smile.

Teeth-Straightening Appliances That Your Dentist Might Recommend

Many people suffer from a dental misalignment that could affect their appearance, chewing ability, and speech. The misalignment may be due to the shape of the oral cavity, or it may stem from a traumatic blow to the mouth. It may even be caused by the shifting of the teeth after one or more teeth have been lost. Nevertheless, there are multiple remedies designed to correct dental misalignment. Here are a few of the teeth-straightening appliances that your dentist may prescribe.

If You Suffer From Bulimia, Keep Your Dental Health In Mind

Bulimia is an all-encompassing disease. It can take over your life and consume your every thought. Hopefully, you are exploring ways to move past your eating disorder and pursue recovery. While you do so, you need to be aware of the risks that bulimia poses to your dental health and how to minimize these risks. Here's a look. How does bulimia damage your teeth? Whenever you vomit, you expose your teeth to harsh stomach acid.