2 Options To Repair Chipped Or Broken Teeth

If one of your front teeth is broken or chipped, you may feel self-conscious about it. You may not like smiling or letting anyone else see your teeth. You can talk to your dentist to see what can be done for the problem. Your dentist may refer you over to a cosmetic dentist so that they can give you the options that are open to you.  Bonding Your dentist can use a bonding process.

Four Ways To Reduce Pain Before, During And After A Root Canal Procedure

When you hear "root canal procedure," you are probably like most other adults; cringing in fear and hoping to avoid it. Avoiding it when it is needed would be an all-around bad idea, because the dentist is attempting to save the remaining living part of the affected tooth before it dies completely. In fact, you probably have more pain now than you will during the procedure or even after the procedure is complete.

2 Anti-Inflammatory Teas To Help Your Teen Fight Inflammation Once Their Orthodontic Procedure Is Completed

Part of the post-op instructions for your teen's orthodontic operation will include an all liquid diet. An all liquid diet is enforced in order to give the surgical sites a chance to heal and to keep the stent from moving around as they eat. This makes it difficult to consume solid foods that are high in anti-inflammatories. In order to fight inflammation during this time, your teen can replace these foods with herbal teas.

Helpful Information About Invisalign Aligners

Have you considered getting metal braces but can't deal with the way they look? The gaps between your teeth can actually be brought closer together without having to wear metal braces. All you will have to do is speak to a dentist to find out if Invisalign aligners are ideal for your dental condition. You will then be able to achieve satisfactory results without the bold look of metal on your teeth.

Call Your Dentist's Emergency Number If You Experience These Issues

When it comes to visiting your dentist, you likely attend regularly scheduled appointments, but may also make in-between appointments in the event of noticing an issue such as a tingling tooth. There are other times, however, that you experience a dental emergency and should call your dentist's emergency phone number right away — even if it's after regular business hours. You shouldn't call the emergency line for every dental issue that you face; for many issues, scheduling an appointment during business hours will suffice.