4 Pediatric Dental Emergencies That Can Be Treated By A Specialist

Children's dental specialists keep kids' teeth in excellent shape through routine care. They can also provide immediate care when dental issues arise. These are four pediatric dental emergencies that a children's dental specialist can treat.

1. Sports Injuries 

Playing sports is good for kids' bodies and minds. Wearing mouthguards can reduce kids' chances of injury when playing their favorite sports. However, accidents are still possible. If your child's tooth becomes cracked, damaged, or sore after an impact on their mouth, you should schedule an appointment with a pediatric dental specialist. Impact injuries should be treated as soon as possible to maximize your dentist's chance of saving your child's tooth. Loose and lost teeth can sometimes be splinted to reattach them at the roots. Cracked teeth can be fixed using dental bonding techniques and dental crowns.

2. Tooth Infections

Tooth infections can be incredibly painful, and they usually occur when dental decay has been left untreated. Sharp pain that does not subside after chewing or biting has stopped is one sign of a tooth infection. Extreme sensitivity to heat or cold can also indicate a tooth infection. A children's dental specialist can treat tooth infections using root canal therapy and antibiotics. If your child's pain is severe, a dentist may also prescribe prescription painkillers to increase their comfort. It's important to have tooth infections treated right away because facial swelling can compromise your child's ability to breathe.

3. Loose Teeth

All children lose their baby teeth at some point during their childhoods. Loose teeth are not always a concern, but if your child is experiencing pain as a result of their loose tooth, it's a good idea to have them checked by a dentist. Permanent teeth that are growing at an angle and those that are impacted may cause pain, and they may need to be extracted manually. You should also schedule an emergency dental appointment for your child if they are experiencing a loose permanent tooth or you suspect that their loose tooth is caused by decay or trauma.

4. Oral Pain

Finally, you should schedule an emergency pediatric dental appointment for your child if they're complaining of pain. Dental pain is always a sign of a problem, and teeth cannot heal on their own. An emergency dentist can perform an exam and take x-rays of your child's teeth to find the source of the problem so they can correct it.