Advice For Those Considering Full Arch Rehabilitation To Deal With Missing Teeth

If you've lost a lot of your teeth, then it may be hard to do things like eating and talking normally. Fortunately, there is a procedure known as full arch rehabilitation that can fix these issues long-term. You'll just want to approach this dental procedure in the following ways as a patient.

Make Sure Full Arches Are Comfortable

Full arches are essentially like dental implants for your entire mouth. They're really durable, but you need to make sure they're comfortable as well. Then you can enjoy these implants and do regular activities without having to be in pain.

After a dentist puts these full arches in your mouth, let them know how they feel and continue giving your dentist updates about your comfort levels. They can always make adjustments if an implant is off, even just slightly to cause mild discomfort. 

Have Your Jawbone Thoroughly Assessed

The dental implants that full arch rehabilitation takes advantage of will be secured to your jawbone, and it's important to have this part of your mouth thoroughly analyzed by the dentist performing the rehabilitation. Then you can make sure this procedure is structured appropriately.

Your dentist will take x-rays and assess the characteristics of various jawbone areas, helping them decide what type of screws will be needed and how far they'll need to be drilled. These assessments are crucial to getting dental implants installed in a stable way that remains so for a very long time. 

Work With a Skilled Dentist for Proper Placement

In order to get dental implants secured in a proper way where they're straight and line up perfectly next to each other, you'll need to find a skilled dentist to perform full arch rehabilitation. Some dentists specialize in this procedure.

You just need to search the area and see which dentists have the most experience performing full arch rehabilitation involving dental implants. If they're credentialed and have a good plan for your dental implants' placement—which you can find out in an initial consultation—then you can feel great heading into this restorative procedure as a patient.

If you have a lot of missing teeth, it may be necessary to get more than one implant put in, and this falls under full arch rehabilitation. As long as you research this procedure diligently and find the right dentist to perform it, you'll get great results that hold up. 

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