Dental Sealants for Adults

Although dental sealants don't replace a good regimen of brushing and flossing, they can help prevent tooth decay. Sealants are plastic coatings that dentists apply to the fissures and crevices of your molars' chewing surfaces. Once the sealants are applied, they help smooth the surface making plaque and debris less likely to become trapped in the pits. Additionally, the seals create a barrier between your tooth material and bacterial acids that cause decay.

Many people receive dental sealants as children. However, some adults may be interested in having preventive treatment. Here is a bit of information about dental sealants for adults.

Can Sealants Be Placed on an Adult's Teeth?

Sealants are not age-specific. Thus, even adults can receive preventive treatments. Nevertheless, sealants work best when applied to a child's teeth.

A sealant lasts for years and the earlier that its protection is in place, the better. Many dental professionals suggest sealants for a child's back teeth as soon as they are present. Consequently, children often receive their first dental sealants while they are still in elementary school.

Nonetheless, since tooth decay affects people of all ages, your dentist may suggest sealants for their adult patients. Sealing the back teeth can be particularly beneficial if the chewing surfaces of your molars include deep fissures. Moreover, your dentist may suggest sealants if your teeth have been unusually cavity-prone.

Will Dental Insurance Pay for Adult Sealants?

Your dental coverage is unlikely to pay for sealants for an adult's teeth. If you are relying on your coverage to pay for the treatment, it's best to contact your insurer to confirm whether the company pays for adult sealant applications.

Even if you have to pay for a sealant application out of pocket, you may still want to receive the treatment because of its ability to prevent cavities. Keep in mind that the prevention of dental decay is generally much less expensive than the restorative treatments needed once the decay occurs.

Is a Sealant Application a Lengthy Process?

Dentists can apply dental sealants in a few minutes. The procedure, which is quite painless, is completed in a single visit.

To seal your teeth, the dentist cleans each designated tooth and dries it. Subsequently, they use an acidic solution to roughen the tooth material. This roughening process helps ensure that the sealants will adhere to the teeth properly.

After rinsing the acidic solution away, the provider dries the teeth again. Next, the dentist applies transparent plastic sealants to the chewing surfaces. After the liquid coatings are in position, the dentist applies light to harden the sealants in place.

To learn more about dental sealants for adults, schedule a consultation with a family dentist in your local area.