4 Ways Children's Dental Care Specialists Can Put Kids At Ease

For optimal oral health, kids need to go to the dentist at least twice a year, even if they don't want to. Parents can reduce their kids' resistance to visiting the dentist's office by taking their children to pediatric dental clinics. Children's dental care specialists provide a positive and welcoming dental experience for kids. Here are four ways they can accomplish this:

1. Using Child-Friendly Tools

Children's dental specialists have access to a wide variety of child-friendly tools. They will use smaller versions of common dental equipment to comfortably fit in kids' small mouths. Additionally, pediatric dentists can use unique tools that have been shown to reduce pain during dental treatments like cavity fillings. For instance, handheld vibrating tools can be used to produce an analgesic sensation when pressed against the outside of a child's mouth. These tools are a helpful alternative to drugs, which can make them an ideal choice for young kids. 

2. Explaining And Demonstrating Beforehand

Many people enjoy surprises, but not in a dental care context. Children are often anxious and fearful when they visit the dentist's office, especially if they need to have restorative work done. One way that pediatric dentists can alleviate kids' fears is by thoroughly explaining each procedure. By offering a verbal explanation and demonstrating the use of each tool before proceeding with treatment, pediatric dentists can build kids' confidence and reduce their fear.

3. Distracting Patients From Dental Procedures

It's common knowledge that anticipating pain usually makes it worse. At the dentist's office, kids may be bracing for the worst, expecting their dental treatment to hurt. Dentists can discourage this habit by providing suitable distractions for children during dental procedures. Many pediatric dentists have televisions in their treatment rooms, where kids can watch age-appropriate cartoons that will hold their attention. Music can also be a suitable distraction. By keeping kids' minds busy, dentists can ensure that each dental appointment goes by as quickly as possible.

4. Providing Positive Reinforcement

Kids thrive on positive reinforcement. Dentists can encourage healthy attitudes and behaviors by rewarding kids when they comply with dental treatment. A children's dental specialist will offer praise throughout your child's dental appointment. Hearing that they're being brave can encourage kids, bolstering their bravery even further. Additionally, positive reinforcement can allow kids to leave the dentist's office with a sense of accomplishment, which may make them less afraid of their next dental appointment.