4 Top Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Modern medicine and technology have paved the way for dentists to find more suitable solutions for teeth loss. However, gaps left by extracted or damaged teeth tend to lower your self-esteem, affect your facial appearance, and reduce your quality of life. So, when you are tired of dentures and need a more permanent solution, you should consider dental implants. But, are they worth the effort and investment? Take a look at some compelling benefits that make implants one of the best options.

1. Boost Your Appearance

Unfortunately, most people don't know that tooth loss leads to the deterioration of the facial structure. Your tooth roots are responsible for constant stimulation of the mandible, maintaining its density and mass. So when a tooth falls off, the mandible begins to lose its mass, affecting the facial structure.

This explains why patients with dentures or no teeth appear to have sunken cheeks, folding lips, and bold wrinkles around the mouth. The deterioration in your facial features can make you look old. Implants ensure jaw stimulation to improve your facial structure and appearance.

2. Improve Your Quality of Life

Loss of teeth can make chewing and speech difficult. Unfortunately, dentures don't make it easier, as they may fall out when speaking or eating if they are loose. In addition, missing teeth or falling out dentures can be embarrassing, especially in public.

If you would like to improve your quality of life, you can choose to get dental implants. They offer a lasting solution since they don't fall out when talking or eating. You also don't need to take them out because they don't lead to discomfort after the surgical site heals.

3. Provide Long-Lasting Solutions

Implants are designed to epitomize the workings and looks of real teeth. Your dentist will anchor the implant into the jawbone and allow it to fuse with your mandible, just like your adjacent teeth. As a result, they don't fall off like dentures.

With high dental hygiene routines such as flossing, brushing, and visiting the dentist regularly, you can count on implants to serve you for as long as natural teeth do.

4. Protect Adjacent Teeth

Missing teeth encourage bone loss. If left untreated, the teeth shift positions, causing further problems such as misalignment or tooth loss. Unfortunately, some treatments, such as dental bridges, might alter the integrity of adjacent teeth by drilling them down. However, the techniques used to anchor dental implants are protective and prevent further damage to adjacent teeth.

You deserve to smile again. If you have missing teeth and need a solution, these benefits of dental implants should help you make an informed decision. Reach out to a dental clinic, such as Fusion Dental Care, if you have any questions.