Need A Bone Graft For Dental Implants? Know The Process

If you have a missing tooth, you may be looking into a dental implant to fix it. However, waiting a long time to get this procedure done can cause some problems. With the natural tooth gone, your jawbone won't get the stimulation it needs to provide strength for that area, potentially causing the jawbone to collapse due to bone loss. This can cause some big issues with getting a dental implant installed and even cause problems if you get a dental bridge. You'll need to have a bone graft procedure performed to move forward with a dental implant. Here is what you need to know about the process of getting a bone graft.

Selecting The Bone Graft Material

Your dentist has a couple of options for selecting the material that will be used for a bone graft. They can use synthetic material or take it from another part of your body. When you use a synthetic bone, it has the benefits of not transferring a disease to the area and can be done in a single surgical procedure. However, the bone may not be as strong as a real bone, and your body may even reject the synthetic material. Using real bone requires two surgical procedures, but there is a much higher chance of the surgery being successful.

Placing The Bone Graft

Your dentist will open up your gums to insert the bone for the grafting procedure. It's can be held in place using a variety of methods, which includes screw or wires. The gums are then stitched back together so that the area can start to heal. It will take a while, but the body actually absorbs the material and replaces it with new bone material that your body generates.

Healing From The Bone Graft

Expect the healing process to take as short as a couple of weeks, but it could also take up to a year until it is ready for a dental implant. During those first few days, it is especially important that you follow all care instructions from your dentist. This includes resting your body, not smoking, and keeping your head elevated. You'll go back to the dentist office to have the bone graft evaluated, and the dentist will tell you if it is ready to place a dental implant into the site.

For more information about bone grafts or dental implants, schedule a consultation with a dentist like one at Apollo Dental Center. They can walk you through the entire procedure so you know what to expect.