Things You Should Never Do With Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are amazingly strong. They will last you a very long time, so long as you take care of them and do not do anything out of the ordinary with them. Even if you are used to do some things with your teeth for which teeth are not normally used, you cannot do that with implants. The following is a list of things you should not do with your implants if you hope to keep them in excellent shape.

​Open Bottles and Cans

A lot of people use their teeth to open bottles and pop-top cans. Your own teeth are not bottle openers, and neither are the implants. If you continue to use either your own teeth or implants to open soda pop/beer bottles and pop-top food cans, the teeth/implants wear down, fracture, and break. Keep all your teeth. Keep your implants. Do not open bottles and cans with your teeth and implants. 

​Circus or Magic Tricks Involving Your Teeth

There are some circus acts that require you to hang suspended by a cord upon which a wooden handle is attached. Your mouth and teeth are clamped to the handle. With your body weight pulled down by the force of gravity, your teeth and implants have to grip really hard on the wooden handle. That can damage your implants/teeth by pulling them slightly out of place each time the act is performed.

Likewise, there are magic acts that require one's mouth to demonstrate strength. That is not a good idea. If you are a circus or magic act performer, opt to skip these acts to keep your implants in place and not have them be pulled ever so slightly out of place.

​Play Any Sport That Delivers Blows to the Face

Once you have implants in your mouth, you cannot box, play hockey, kickbox, do mixed martial arts, or any other sport that delivers blows to your face. While the abutment screws of your implants are fused to your own bone, the crowns can still be damaged and/or knocked loose. Additionally, the blows delivered to your face where the implants are located will hurt far more than blows delivered to a face where all the teeth are natural. That is because the implants and implant crowns do not have the same "give" as your natural teeth. You should also avoid getting into bar room brawls simply because the implants may cause just as much damage to the hands that punch you as the blows to your face can knock implant crowns loose.

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