3 Reasons You Shouldn't Put Off Having A Cavity Filled

Taking good care of your teeth by eating the right foods, brushing your teeth a couple of times a day and seeing your family dentist regularly can help you prevent cavities. Cavities can and do still happen to those who are very proactive about taking care of their teeth, though. If you get a cavity, your dentist might recommend a filling to help save the tooth. If you aren't in a rush to go in to the dentist's office to get a cavity filled, know that you should not put it off any longer than you have to.

1. It's Only Going to Get More Painful

Fear of having dental work done is a reality for many people. People are scared of going to the dentist for many reasons, but one common reason is because they fear that having dental work done will be painful. They might have had a painful experience at the dentist at some point in the past, or they might have heard a horror story from someone else.

Having a cavity filled isn't always painful. Your dentist will probably numb part of your gums and mouth prior to the treatment for just this purpose. You might feel some sensitivity afterward, but it shouldn't be too overwhelming. If you wait until your cavity gets worse, though, it's more likely that you'll experience discomfort after getting the filling.

2. Costs Tend to Increase When You Ignore Important Dental Work

You might be one of the many people who struggle to pay for your dental work. You might not have dental insurance, or your dental insurance might not be sufficient. If you're putting off getting a cavity filled because you're hoping to save money, know that you might end up actually costing yourself more money. With many things related to dental care, including getting cavities filled, problems that are ignored often get more expensive with time.

3. You Could End Up Losing Your Tooth

Perhaps the main reason your dentist is suggesting that you have a cavity filled is so that you can save your tooth. Over time, decay can completely ruin a tooth, causing it to fall out. Having a cavity filled before the decay gets too bad can help you save the tooth. It can also help you get more natural-looking results after you have the filling done. If you wait, you could lose the tooth or have to have a crown put on the tooth instead of just a simple filling