Choices To Make When Getting New Dentures

If you have extensive dental problems, it's sometimes best to pull your bad teeth and get dentures. If your dentist recommends dentures for you, you'll have a few choices to make when it comes to the type you get. Other factors such as if all of your teeth are missing and your overall oral health may be considered by your dentist too. Here's a look at some of the decisions you and your dentist will make when you get dentures.

Whether To Pull All Of Your Teeth

If you've already lost all of your teeth, you'll need complete dentures. If your dentist needs to pull several bad teeth, you may want to consider saving some teeth that are good. One reason for this is that they can act as anchors that hold the denture in place. The lower denture in particular is prone to slipping and coming loose. If you have a few good teeth, the dentist may decide to make a partial denture that attaches to those teeth with wires so the denture is held securely until you want to remove it for brushing.

If You Want To Get Implants

If loose dentures is a concern of yours, then talk to your dentist about getting implants for your dentures. The implants are small posts that are screwed into the bone. The dentures snap onto the posts so they are held tight in your mouth. This eliminates problems with dentures slipping and popping out of your mouth when you eat or laugh.

What Type Of Material To Use

Dentures come with different prices depending on the materials used to make them. If you get immediate dentures right after your teeth are pulled, these will probably be the less expensive versions since you'll only wear them for a few months. Your gums and jaw need time to heal after you've had extractions or implants. Your gums change size and position slightly during that time, so you don't want to have permanent dentures made right away.

When you're ready for your permanent dentures, you can have the teeth made from porcelain or resin. Resin is less expensive, but porcelain looks more like your real teeth. You can also choose any shade of white you like for your new teeth. In addition, you can opt for handcrafted detailing of the teeth and gum area so your dentures look more natural.

Some of these choices may be determined by your budget while others are controlled by the condition of your teeth and gums. However, you should still have a choice in the color of your teeth, even with temporary dentures, so you can have a full, white smile. For more information, contact a local dental clinic like Cape Dental Care.