2 Anti-Inflammatory Teas To Help Your Teen Fight Inflammation Once Their Orthodontic Procedure Is Completed

Part of the post-op instructions for your teen's orthodontic operation will include an all liquid diet. An all liquid diet is enforced in order to give the surgical sites a chance to heal and to keep the stent from moving around as they eat. This makes it difficult to consume solid foods that are high in anti-inflammatories. In order to fight inflammation during this time, your teen can replace these foods with herbal teas. These teas are composed of herbs that are also rich in anti-inflammatories. This will not only speed up the healing process for them but will also help to prevent infection. Creating anti-inflammatories herbal teas may be something new to you, luckily, there are a few herbs that you can use to accomplish this.

Cilantro Tea

You may find cilantro in your favorite savory dishes,; however, the herb is often converted into a tea. This may not seem like a traditional black or mint tea but it is extremely effective after a dental operation. Cilantro tea will help to ease any swelling or discomfort your teen may be undergoing immediately after the operation. Cilantro tea should be made by taking a handful of fresh cilantro leaves and steeping them in a pot of water. Make the tea the night before your teen's operation so that you can allow it to steep overnight. Warm up the tea after the operation or when you are ready to use it and give it to them after their liquid meals.

Cumin and Figwort Tea

Cumin and Figwort are not as popular as cilantro; therefore, they may be a bit more difficult to track down. However, you should be able to find them in dried form in your local grocery store. Both cumin and figwort are perfect for creating a powerful anti-inflammatory tea because they are packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Figwort is also an analgesic that will aid in providing your teen with immediate pain relief. Steep both herbs in a pot of hot water and place it on the stove to boil. Remove the herbs from the pot before giving it to your teen to drink. They should consume at least a cup in the morning and night to recognize any results.

Herbal teas are some of the best methods to fight oral inflammation if your teen is on an all liquid diet. Therefore, use these teas as a guide to accomplish this. To find more tips for dental operation recovery, check out McMillin Jeff DDS or another dentist near you.