Rubber Bands For Braces: What Color Should You Choose?

One of the things that many teens look forward to when they get braces is choosing their color of rubber bands, which are placed over the brackets to add a personal feel to the metal in the mouth. Each color has its own meaning, and there are a lot of ways you can go about mixing things up to be creative when choosing your rubber bands. Read on to learn more.

What Different Colors Mean

Colors have their own meaning, which you may want to take into account when you're considering what color of rubber band to choose for this week's braces.

  • Red – This color shows that you are courageous, forward-thinking, strong and determined. You are also very passionate and energetic.
  • Orange – This color is best associated with that of the tropics, sunshine and joy. It shows that you are creative, successful and determined. It is also the symbol of endurance and strength.
  • Blue – This color is most often associated relaxation and tranquility. Blue symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, trust and confidence. It shows that you have a calm nature about yourself and that you are sincere and intelligent. Ultimately, blue means that you handle situations with utmost integrity and are somewhat conservative.
  • Green – This color is most often associated with nature, and it symbolizes harmony and growth. In other words, green shows that you are level-headed and stable.
  • Pink – This is a feminine color and is associated with friendship, love and romance.

Consider a Combination of Multiple Colors.

There is no rule that says you can't have more than one or even two colors on your braces at a time. If you're open to more than one color, here are some excellent ideas:

  • Red, White and Blue – Show your love for your country and your patriotism.
  • Red and Green – Show your holiday spirit at Christmas.
  • Orange and Yellow – Show that you're getting in the spirit of fall.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark – For Halloween, see if your dentist has glow-in-the-dark bands so your mouth will freakishly illuminate while you're trick-or-treating.

A few other options include your favorite colors, school colors and your favorite sports team's colors.

You can switch the rubber band colors on your braces at each visit with your orthodontist so don't think you'll be stuck with the first ones that you choose forever. If you aren't sure how a certain color will impact the appearance of your teeth and smile, ask your orthodontist for his or her recommendation. This will help ensure that you don't choose a color that doesn't complement your skin tone or make your teeth appear yellowish. For more information, contact Simmons Craig A D D S or a similar orthodontic professional.