3 Teeth-Friendly After-School Snacks That Are Tasty And Fight Cavities

If you like to feed your child after-school snacks to help tide them over until dinner and help give them the energy they need to power through homework, then you should choose teeth-friendly ones. The good news is that many treats that help ward off cavities instead of cause them are also very tasty. Here are some ideas for snacks that your children will love just as much as dentists do.

1. Celery and Cream Cheese

Cream cheese and celery are both tooth-friendly foods, and since neither contain sugar, they won't promote cavities. Crunchy foods, like celery, naturally clean teeth a bit while eaten, and dairy products, like cream cheese, neutralize cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.

If you want a cheese that has more protein than cream cheese, you can fill the celery with soft goat cheese, and your children will likely never know the difference. 

2. Apples and Fresh-ground Nut Butter

Apples are natural tooth-scrubbers, but they do have some natural sugar content, leaving many parents confused as to whether they are really good for their children's teeth or not.

A dentist weighed in on the controversy and stated that apples can be great for teeth as long as they are not eaten alone, as they can be acidic. So cover some apple slices with a little bit of fresh nut butter and serve the snack with a glass of milk, and you have a great after-school snack.

Nut butter can be very tooth-friendly as well, but only if you choose a fresh-ground nut butter with no added sugar. Most packaged nut butters contain more sugar or high-fructose corn syrup than you would suspect. Grind it fresh and add a bit of salt and artificial sweetener, if desired.

3. Yogurt or Sugar-free Pudding

Diary products are great acid-neutralizers, and dairy snacks eaten alone can help your child neutralize any lingering acid in his or her mouth after sneaking a treat from a friend at school, such as soda pop. It is important to skip the added sugar in the dairy snack, though, but there are many sugar-free dairy options that are just as tasty as the sugary ones.

Sugar-free yogurt is a great choice, as is sugar-free pudding. Both are available ready-made, and sugar-free pudding just takes a minute to make fresh with milk. You can even freeze small cups of sugar-free pudding for great pudding pop cups that can be enjoyed after hot sports practices..

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