Get An Infected Pulp Chamber Treated With A Root Canal

Were you suffering from a bad toothache but the pain went away? It is vital for you to get your mouth examined by a dentist because your pulp chamber may be infected, which can lead to an abscess without prompt treatment. Find out below why an infected pulp chamber can be harmful, as well as how a dentist can treat it with a root canal.

Why Should an Infected Pulp Chamber Be of a Concern?

When a toothache goes away on its own, it is due to the nerves dying from an infection that was left untreated for too long. The nerves are located in the pulp chamber, along with blood vessels. It is dangerous for nerves to die because they are needed for alerting you when you need attention from a dentist. No pain can lead to a serious condition getting out of control without your knowledge because you can't feel it.

An infected pulp chamber can also lead to damaged blood vessels. It is easier for an infection to affect your bloodstream when the blood vessels are damaged. The problem can become life threatening if the infection leads to an abscessed tooth, as an abscess has poisonous pus in it. You can get a full body inflammation if the pus makes it inside the damaged blood vessels. A root canal must be performed as soon as possible to prevent other health problems.

What Happens When Undergoing a Root Canal?

The main reason for the root canal is to get inside of the pulp chamber and clean it out. The first thing that will be done is the administering of antibiotics and anesthesia. After the area around your infected tooth is numb, the dentist will have to drill a hole in the enamel for access to the pulp chamber. The damaged nerves and blood vessels will then be scraped out of the chamber.

The hole will be filled after all of the damaged pulp is removed. The dentist will place you on antibiotics after the procedure is over to get rid of the infection. You will also be prescribed pain medication before you leave the dental clinic. It may be necessary for you to attend a follow-up appointment so the dentist can make sure you are healing.

Tooth pain should be taking serious no matter how minor you think it is. Make sure you are getting regular dental checkups to prevent another pulp chamber infection. Call a dentist, like Grace Dental, to make an appointment for your teeth to get examined!