2 Eating Habits Your Child Should Adopt in Order to Lessen Tooth Sensitivity When Dealing with a Cracked Molar

By now your child may have experienced all of the discomforts that come from struggling with a cracked molar. One of the biggest issues is the tooth sensitivity that follows. Tooth sensitivity is incredibly uncomfortable when you have weakened enamel, and it is just as uncomfortable when your molar is cracked. The deeper that your child's crack is, the more heightened their sensitivity will be. Superficial cracks often do not result in much sensitivity and do not need to be repaired as quickly. However, more serious cracks around your child's molar make it difficult for them to enjoy some of their favorite foods without having to proceed with caution. Luckily, there are a few eating habits that they can adopt in order to lessen their tooth sensitivity while dealing with a cracked molar and waiting to see their children's dentist.

Only Use One Side of Your Mouth to Chew

The simplest way to lessen any tooth sensitivity is by chewing using the opposite side of your mouth. If your child chews using the side that feels sensitive, then this will only make the pain worse. Since chewing using only one side of their mouth can be extremely difficult, it is important to also change up the foods that your child eats in order to accommodate this. Instead of feeding them steaks, you may consider looking for foods that are liquid or easy to chew. This will make it easier for them to consume these foods without placing all of the force on one side of their mouth. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are often good meal replacements that not only taste good but also will reduce any sensitivity.

Instruct Them to Eat Their Food at Room Temperature

Hot chocolate and teas are often some of the most comforting drinks during cold weather. However, if you child is experiencing tooth sensitivity from their cracked molar, then these will quickly become drinks that your child dreads. The hot temperature will increase their tooth sensitivity and make it almost unbearable to consume hot drinks or food. Therefore, they should only eat or drink when your food or beverage is at room temperature. Your child should experience little to no pain if they avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures.

If your child has a cracked molar, then they may experience tooth sensitivity until it is able to get fixed. Until that happens, use these eating tips to make eating your child's meals a little more enjoyable.